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Workshop on virtual coaching- Karlsruhe Institute for Coaching

Virtual coaching?  What is it? What is it not? How can it best be put into practice?

These were the major questions discussed by a group of around 30 coaches, who came together physically on invitation of the KIC – Karlsruhe Institute of Coaching (Germany) last month. The meeting was staged to provide a first platform to find out about the state of the art and also critically discuss recent work and latest developments in field of virtual coaching. Participants were witnessing most interesting presentations by Mr. David Tinker, Ashridge, UK, of ProReal, Prof. Harald Geissler, Hamburg, Germany, and, representing the KIC,  Dr. Elke Berninger-Schäfer, Karlsruhe, Germany, all three of them being recognized coaching experts who shared their knowledge and gave an outline of future prospects within the context of established quality standards. In addition, Mr. Markus Herkersdorf of TriCat, Ulm, Germany, participated as a representative of the software and IT business.

With the aim to give orientation Berninger-Schaefer first clearly stated benefits and advantages of virtual coaching, before announcing “CAI®" (for: cyber-anthropo-ethic intelligence), a new brand and title of an internet portal, recently created as a special feature of http://www.kic.berninger-schaefer.de. It will be providing access to several tools and systems, including two different 3D-worlds, all designed and suited for being used in virtual coaching and in line with desirable quality standards.

Harald Geissler then gave a most interesting overview  of the dynamics revealed in the historical development coaching has taken in past decades, before Markus Herkersdorf presented the TriCat 3D-world and related tools his company is introducing to the market in the upcoming weeks. David Tinker of ProReal finally guided the audience through the 3D- world of ProReal, explaining a wide variety of tools and set-ups designed for coaching and other methods of personal development.

There was general consent in the view that the potential for growth in developing tools to make virtual coaching possible is huge. Crucial questions associated with it, however, are how this emerging market will find its structures and how it will be possible to set up reliable instruments of quality management.

Completing the workshop (working language English) the following was agreed:

  • Contacts will be maintained to develop synergies, in the aim of setting and safeguarding ethic standards (social responsibility).
  • First short-term project-oriented academic research work will be carried out in Germany. 
  • A training course will be on offer next month to reflect on and acquire the specific skills needed for responsible virtual coaching. Plans are to supplement it by first-hand training on handling and working with the 3D-world of ProReal. The venue will be the KIC in Karlsruhe, Germany. Details on the curriculum and for registration available at info@berninger-schaefer.de.
  • It was also agreed to create a data base for coaches with additional training in virtual coaching.

Looking at standards of quality management that have been established for traditional coaching methods it remained equally undisputed that transforming and adjusting these to the practice of virtual coaching will be a major challenge for the profession.

Created by Anke Ulmer on 02/04/2013 14:35

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